If you’re looking for great sound at an affordable price.  You’ve come to the right place!  I do sound for  outdoor festivals, medium to large venues, bars, clubs, ballrooms, outdoor events, etc…  And all different styles of music!  I’ve worked with Jackson Ward, Rosie Soul & The Rock and Roll Cowboys, Monkey Fist, Age of Excess, The Everwilde Band, The Pat Russell Band, The Still Smokin Band, The Recliners Band, Insomnia, Throwin Knivez, The Venture Rays, The Atkinsons, Frankly Scarlet, The Elder Young Band, Tonic Jane, The Busch League, The Wrest, Stuntcock, Crumb,  and many others.  I’ve also worked with corporate coordinators, event planners, and other venues to provide PA and sound for speaking events, multiple acts, dance performances, and DJ music.  If you’re ever in need of a sound engineer with PA for an outdoor event or venues where you need a larger system, please contact me for prices and availability or go to the “Information” link to get a quote. 


Sound with Amanda Rogers

Text Box: “The hottest sound person I’ve ever worked with, and you really know your stuff too” 
Russell Young 
of The Recliners Band
Text Box: “Judge this book by its cover.  Amanda’s sound skills, knowledge, equipment, and performance are every bit as hot as she is.  Seriously.” 
Tabb Justis, 
soundman for Rockitz.net
Text Box: Amanda and Jon are a powerful tool for doing their thang and doing it superbly.. Lol
They provided the sound and expert sound cover that made our performances a nice memory, couldn't have done it without them. These guys got me loving them and as a son and daughter.. Amanda, you are all that baby girl.
Marlon Langford 
of Cold Shotz Band

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